Rachel Knoll

In 'Powerplays' political figures negotiate during a game of minimal physical ability and maximal conversational capacity: golf. Over the course of 9 holes look-alike actors conduct informed improvisation in order to consider new modes of political discussion that might elicit progressive changes in society. [...]

Using the window of the Skyline Room at The Walker Art Center as a screen, The Eye of the Walker watches over Minneapolis from dusk 'til dawn. [...]

Wait is a performance piece in which 5 individuals occupy a public space and recreate a large version of the Apple wait cursor. They bring together 5 pie-shaped pieces of cardboard, painted to mimic the trademark beachball [...]

Soon after the launch of commercial drones an error with geographical coordinates began sending packages programmed to be delivered to Valdez, a remote town in Alaska, to Rilao, an unknown island disconnected from the world in the early 1900's.[...]

I created a remote-controlled grass circle modeled after the patterned stationary grass circles planted in the front of The Walker Art Center. My grass circle has the ability to move freely; liberated from its rooted counterparts. [...]

In Listen and Repeat, a modified megaphone uses text to speech capabilities to recite tweets composed with the tag ‘nobody listens’ from the social media website Twitter. The megaphone has been installed on a mountain in Washington state and dictates tweets to an audience of trees. [...]

A short documentary about the morning routine of a community of elderly Mall Walkers. [...]

A film from a month research trip to six cities in Japan and China. [...]

A Conversation for One reflects on the displacement of listening, especially in a social setting. The fabricated object acts as a functional instrument, using spoken words as an input and creates an output of the user’s own magnified speech. [...]

Language is used to understand each other's intentions. Coffee to Go tells the story of understanding intentions without language [...]

An application done in Zürich with Samuel, Joachim, and Gerhard that creates generated music based on your steps when jogging. The generated music also changes in the current environment. [...]

Avoidance Training deals with a withdrawal of self that is as instinctive in virtual gameplay as it is in the tense experience of sharing the small space of an elevator. The objective of the game is to avoid eye contact with the characters on the screen for the duration of the ride. Seemingly commercializing these self-imposed isolation strategies [...]

In this piece I was interested in mitigating the experience of two disparate video projections, one featuring dramatic imagery and one featuring banal actions or scenes. [...]

A celebration of confusion, lapses in understanding, and misunderstanding by recognizing these moments as catalysts of discovery and a reconsideration of one’s surroundings. [...]

A mini documentary about something so common in the Malaysian culture, you would almost forget about it. [...]

They’ll Ring Like a Bell is a tongue-in-cheek response to the cartoon/filmic trope in which a piano (or anvil), precariously elevated, falls to the ground, often atop an unwitting victim. In this interactive installation, as a viewer passes by a printer, which is positioned at the top of a staircase, he/she triggers the printer to release a single sheet of paper [...]

A short narration about a woman who decides to stop moving out of the way. [...]

A short documentary in production about ice cream truck drivers in London. [...]