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Interactive Artist, Independent


Rachel Knoll is an interactive artist and filmmaker exploring the intersection of art, design, film, and technology. She works in a variety of disciplines but at the core of her projects is a conceptual idea engaged with culture and imbued with experimentation.

Based in Minneapolis, she balances her time between working as a filmmaker/photographer at Olson, and making independent projects - most recently receiving a grant from the Jerome Foundation to make a short film in Alaska.

Rachel's projects have been featured by WIRED Magazine, Vimeo Staff Picks, VICE, The National Film Board of Canada, Adweek, The Future Laboratory, PSFK, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, NPR and Fast Company.

She holds with a master's degree from the school of design at the Royal College of Art in London, and has exhibited/screened work internationally.

Rachel has worked for organizations and brands such as the Walker Art Center, Lighthouse Center for the Arts UK, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Vimeo, Tourism Malaysia, Belize Tourism Board, 3M, Bauer, and BISSELL.

She is continually seeking out interesting and creative projects, both personal and for work. Please email her if you are interested in working together.
Selected Press

How do we manage participation in web docs? David Dufresne, Rachel Knoll, Guillaume Braun, and Caroline Hayeur deliver their expertise on the subject.

Rachel Knoll's hilarious video game makes you a master of avoiding eye contact.

Knoll's game is part of a growing genre of "persuasive games" that serve as commentary on social issues - in this case, the very meta issue of digital culture.

Rachel Knoll's bummed-out megaphone "Listen & Repeat" is at turns darkly comic, poignant, and downright tragic.

With the Internet, we all have a virtual "microphone" that allows everyone to project our thoughts at any moment. So why do we still feel like no one is listening to us?